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University of Toronto Mississauga - Faculty of Biology

University Hohenheim - Crop Biodiversity and Breeding Informatics


Ingo Ensminger

Moritz Hess

Thomas Mueller

Karl Schmid

Henning Wildhgen

Identification of genes as molecular markers to
understand and assess adaptation of Douglas-fir to
drought stress and climatic change

Climate acts as selective force on the genetic and physiological growth response of
trees and thereby leads to an adaptation to local climate conditions. Our project aims
at understanding the diversity of drought responses amongst tree provenances from
environmentally different habitats. This will be achieved by linking phenotypic variation
(as expressed in e.g. gene expression, growth responses or isotopic composition)
with allelic variation in candidate genes using an association genetics approach. For
this purpose, intraspecific differences amongst various provenances of Douglas-fir will
be studied to assess the diversity of responses to drought. Through this approach we
will be able to understand adaptability, vulnerability or resistance of Douglas-fir
provenances to future climatic conditions. This project complements projects 2, 3 and
4 outlined in the general research concept, which aim to understand the diversity of
drought responses of Douglas-fir on different spatial and temporal scales, by providing
genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying the physiological and phenotypic levels
of the drought response of Douglas-fir.


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